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Celebrating 34 years of top quality dance education
2019-2020 Dance Season

Our Goals

It is our goal at the Academy to provide the best possible training and to develop each student's talents to his or her potential. Dance provides children with an outlet for self-expression. It gives preschoolers the opportunity to socialize with their peers and most important, to take instruction from a teacher. The physical benefits are long lasting and continue to grow throughout life. 

Preschool Ballet and Tap Combo Classes (ages 2Yrs 9 Months - 4)

 Children will be introduced to Ballet and Tap through creative movement with fun and exciting music. Our experienced qualified staff will encourage each child and bring out their individual creativity through dance. This class provides a great opportunity for children to express their individuality as they learn to take instruction from a teacher. 

Ballet and Tap Combo Classes (ages 5 - 7)


Children will learn all the basic ballet and tap steps in a structured non-competitive environment. This class is a great way for children to gain confidence and accomplish challenges. They will gain the fundamentals for the next exciting level of their dance experience. Beginner Jazz is offered to age 6 and up.

Necessary attire for Ballet/tap combo classes - Solid color leotard and tights.  Pink Ballet Shoes and Black tap shoes.

Hip Hop/Jazz

 This class is a must for dancers that like to move to the beat.  The latest hip-hop moves along with basic Jazz skills will be incorporated together with popular music.  A fun and exciting class that is perfect for a recreation dancer, offered to ages 7 & up. Any style of dance or exercise wear can be worn with socks or bare feet. 


 Our Gymnastics/Tumbling classes are a great way to stretch, strengthen and develop muscle, improve coordination and learn basic tumbling skills.  Students should wear a leotard and shorts and have bare feet.  Hair should be tied back with soft elastic.  This class is offered to ages 4 & up. 

Competitive Level Classes

 The Dance Academy also offers competition level classes for students that desire a more structured program.  The staff will recommend this program to parents when they feel their child would enjoy this level of dance.  Students new to the Dance Academy with prior dance experience will need to be evaluated for proper class placement.  Please call or email for more information about our Competitive Dance Program.